Game Ideas

Idea 1:  Homeless Survival/Capitalism Game:In this game you start out as a homeless person, where you can pick and choose your avatar, then you start scavenging for food and shelter, once that’s done you sell and pawn some of your items that you find to go up in the ranks. once you make enough money […]

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Documentation in Game Development

In the article Ernest says that lots of students have asked why they have to write design documents. Design documents matter because of five reasons, the funding agencies want design documents as evidence that the designer knows what their doing, design documents are the basis for contractual obligations, the communicate your intentions to the rest […]

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The Authors of the passage are Robin Hunicke, Marc LeBlanc, And Robert Zubeck. Based of what I’ve read the authors seem to be very descriptive.In the passage the authors explain that games are built around Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics. Each piece plays a certain role in making a game. Aesthetics is broken in to 8 […]


Response to Question

I agree because people sometimes see things only they want to see and they lose sight of what’s real and not real. when people are in bad situations they try to always look at the good things they have but some expect to see good things only.

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